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     The American Flag is and has been a long standing symbol of our freedom and the

    sacrifices many great people have made and continue to make for our country.

     We can't think of a better way to honor them and celebrate our country than with

      the colors they helped and continue to help defend and honor.

     With our added respect, honor, love and a little artistic personal touch we know you

          will enjoy owning one of our products. Whether it be your wooden flag, cross

          or special order.

     Our collection is 100% garage crafted American made. We only use 100% reclaimed

          or "burn pile" lumber. We have even torn down old barns, ourselves,

          to get our wood. 

     Each piece is individually cut, burned, stained and assembled by hand. Except for the Military Flags

these are all approximately 19" x 32". Other sizes can be special ordered. Remember, because

          of the reclaimed wood that is being used, no two pieces are the same.

     It may be the  "American Flag" but it will be very unique and individual to you.

        Thus making it "Your Wooden Flag!"

The prices listed above are for the sizes listed under each flag. We can make other sizes for each flag listed.

Here are the other sizes and prices.

These prices are before any discounts. We offer a 20% discount for military and first responders.

X-Large: 32" x 53" - $300.00

Large: 21.5" x 36" - $200.00

Medium: 19.5" x 32.5" - $150.00

Small: 16.25" x 27" - $120.00

Military: 13" x 21" - $60.00

Challenge Coin Holder:  Add an extra $10.00

These prices do not include shipping.

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